10 Creative Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottle Caps

Why throw away plastic bottle caps when you could use them to create something beautiful and new? Perfectly round shapes in every size and color under the rainbow. If you collect enough of them you will start to think there must be something remarkable to do with them. From plastic bottle caps You can create very useful or decorative items..

So if you are looking for inspiration how to reuse plastic bottle caps You have come to the right place! In our gallery of ideas You will find among other things, how to do: cap lampshade, curtain or cool toys for kids!

CD Spinning Top

This one is fun for the kids and also utilizes old CDs.

Tutorial: mamaslittlemuse.blogspot.com

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2 responses to “10 Creative Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottle Caps”

  1. Lourdes Partida says:

    Buena idea.

  2. Gloria Mejia says:

    Excellent idea, i plan to use it when teaching time. Each student is going to create one. Please advice where do I can get the mechanism for the back.

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