35+ Ways To Reuse Your Old T-Shirts

Do you have a shirt that you like, but it is too big, or you just want something fun to redo it? All you need is really a desire, because the other materials you sure you have somewhere in the house. See how simple it is. Several cuts enough to shirt changed beyond recognition.

Old t-shirts are great for crafting, even ones that are beyond wearability. For example, there is the t-shirt bracelet, t-shirt quilt, t-shirt yarn, t-shirt necklace, and t-shirt roses, and this only names a few. There is nothing like realizing that those old t-shirts you have laying around can be used for a myriad of things that make you go, ‘no kidding I can do that with a t-shirt.’

Go check out the full list of: 35+ Ways To Reuse Your Old T-Shirts

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