5 Beauty Products You Should Keep in the Fridge

While having a storage place for your make-up and other beauty items, the reality is that if you want to use some of these products for a long period of time, then we recommend you to keep some of them in the fridge. Believe it or not, this is the only way to store them safely and keep them valid for a longer period of time.

1. Eye cream

Many times we wake up in the morning feeling drowsy and with puffy eyes because a lot of fluid accumulates under our eyes. If we want to look great we need to remove those and the best way to do that is to use eye cream. However, the eye cream in fluid form is not that efficient in a short period of time, so that is why you need to store it in a refrigerator if you want great results.

2. Nail polish

Keeping the nail polish in the fridge will help you keep it with the same color, because if you let the nail polish in the sunlight it will just alter color and become thick, something that you might not want to happen. Just store it into the fridge and see how you can get some amazing results with it, even if the nail polish is a little old.

3. Fragrance

Yes, keeping fragrance in the fridge is good as well, especially if you have a very sensitive type of fragrance. If it’s exposed to a lot of heat and light, the chemicals will just begin to deteriorate the whole substance, and thus the fragrance will smell a lot differently. If you want to avoid this, then just put the fragrance in the fridge and see how it will retain the same smell.

4. Lipstick

If you have multiple types of lipstick, you should place in the fridge only those that are used from time to time and not frequently. This will help you prevent the decomposition of chemicals, something that does happen when a lipstick starts to deteriorate. Don’t place into the fridge the one that’s used on a daily basis, instead place all the lipsticks that you own and which you need to keep in perfect condition for those situations when you do need them.

5. Liquid make-up

Everything from mascara to the liquid eyeliner needs to be placed in the fridge, because all of them have an expiration date once they are opened, and thus you need to make them last as fast as possible by tossing them into the fridge. You can do the same thing for those beauty products that you don’t plan to use for the next few weeks or months.

As you can see, storing beauty products into the fridge can provide you with a wonderful way to maintain their properties or even increase them, not to mention that these will also help you use the products for a longer period of time as well.

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  1. Cole says:

    I love putting my body spray in the fridge just because I like it when it feels cold.

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