5 Beauty Uses For a Toothbrush

Any cosmetic gadget may have many applications. New ideas usually come to mind whenever we got a lot of free time, or just we forget something to pack to suitcase and we must to look for him alternatives. Here are 5 unusual uses for toothbrush.

1. Toothbrush does really well at peeling lips, first apply a lipstick on the mouth, and then gently massage your lips.

2. Do you dream of a super trendy colored strands? Use the brush to dye hair – Apply a little paint on it and then rub into hair

3. Toothbrush is also indispensable gadget for nail care – first is perfect for cleaning and secondly to smooth cuticles

4. Use a toothbrush to help separate your lashes after you have applied mascara.

5. Don’t have a boar bristle teasing comb handy? use toothbrush to tease the hair at the crown of your head to get instant volume in the places you want it most.

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