50 Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old Denim

Each of us has in wardrobe their favorite jeans. Unfortunately, sometimes not suitable for wearing longer or simply have become worn. You can always make from them something new. In many cases, giving them second life can make them look even better than before.

Denim is a functional material which can be very easily used for doing a variety of fashion things and accessories. You can turn your old denim into gadget protectors for securing your costly pocket gadgets such as tablets, iPod, phone, digital camera or table mats, coffee cozies, coasters or variety of bags and purses.

Check out some really cool ideas to reuse your denims so you don’t need to part away with your favorite jeans.

1. A large tote created from an old pair of jeans and a belt

Repurposing an Old Pair of Jeans
Tutorial: pm-betweenthelines.blogspot.com

2. Make a Denim Bookmark

Old Denim Corner Heart Bookmark
Tutorial: thecheesethief.com

3. Upcycle you old jeans to this pretty ombre jeans hairband

Old Jeans to New Hairband

Tutorial: meijosjoy.blogspot.com

4. Create these lovely denim flowers

denim flowers

Tutorial: pm-betweenthelines.blogspot.fr

5. Jeans and some embroidery turn into denim flower artwork

Denim Flower Artwork

Tutorial: justcraftyenough.com

6. Make Blue Denim Stuffed Whale

blue denim whale

Tutorial: valaanvillapaita.blogspot.com

7. Denim Covered Pencil Can

Denim Covered Pencil Can

Tutorial: craftsbyamanda.com

8. Make baskets of worn out jeans

Baskets from jeans

Tutorial: pysselbolaget.se

9. Make these adorable personalized jean bracelets

Morse Code Blue Jean Bangles

Tutorial: michlinla.com

10. Recycle your favorite jeans in to an indoor slipper flip flop

recycle your favorite jeans in to an indoor slipper flip flop

Tutorial: bludor.com

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One response to “50 Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old Denim”

  1. Razorgirl53 says:

    I use a leg cut-off from a pair of jeans to stuff those plastic shopping bags in. I sewed a belt loop to the wider end as a hanger. It hangs inside my pantry door. I works great!

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