50 Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old Denim

11. No-Sew Mini blue Jean Purse

No-Sew Mini Blue Jean Purse

Tutorial: michlinla.com


12. Recycle old jeans into a pretty denim bowl

recycled jean bowl

Tutorial: hellonatural.co


13. Make this awesome on trend backpack


Tutorial: salutetocute.blogspot.co.nz


14. Braided Hearts

Braided Hearts

Tutorial: pysselbolaget.se


15. Turn them into a flower pot cover

Denim Flower Pot Cover

Tutorial: blog.oubly.com


16. Make a cute picnic quilt

Picnic Quilt

Tutorial: cutesycrafts.com


17. Jean’s Doiley

Jean’s Doiley

Tutorial: kiwi-little-things.com


18. Jeans Pocket Cushion

Jeans Pocket Cushion

Tutorial: threadingmyway.com


19. Make a simple accessory hanger

Simple Accessory Hanger

Tutorial: thechicsite.com


20. Lunch Bag

lunch bag

Tutorial: everydaydishes.com

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One response to “50 Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old Denim”

  1. Razorgirl53 says:

    I use a leg cut-off from a pair of jeans to stuff those plastic shopping bags in. I sewed a belt loop to the wider end as a hanger. It hangs inside my pantry door. I works great!

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