Cleaning Timetables for Busy Ladies

It is not exactly the kind of thing that many people concern themselves with, but you may have realized that cleaning takes up a lot of time. It seems that if you are busy, then the cleaning that needs to be done seems to take longer, the more other stuff you need to get done. You will find that the best way to ensure that you get the best from your schedule is to plan out the cleaning, so that you only have to clean when it works for you. This will prevent the flurry of panic that can come when you are in a rush but realize that you have not vacuumed in a week, and have people coming over later! If you plan ahead, these things will not get in the way, and you will be cool, calm and collected. Have a look over the following points, and see if any of them might work for you in your home. You can take these ideas and tailor them to your own needs and requirements, to ensure that you are getting the best from your life without the cleaning getting in the way!

For a start, the best way to clean is to divide and conquer. You will find that one of the most vital parts of the process of getting the whole house cleaned is that you do it in sections, rather than all at once. Whilst you may not have thought about trying it all at once, most people will do a whole room, or at least a large chunk of cleaning at any one time, in order to get as much out of the way as possible. This is not the best way to go about it, as in fact, you will find that doing singular jobs more regularly is going to mean that you don’t have to spend ages at any one time doing cleaning related stuff. You will see that if you have a spare ten minutes, you can easily vacuum the living room before running out the door for your bus to work. In the same vein, you could spare five minutes to dust your bedroom when you return form work before sitting down to relax or eat dinner. These sorts of macro-managed cleaning tasks are a way of ensuring that the cleaning gets done efficiently and evenly, but without getting in the way of anything. Simply put, you don’t have to set aside any time, but simply use the spare time that naturally occurs in the day.

You can plan this however, so that you are always aware of what has and has not been done in terms of cleaning the house. If you know that the bus leaves at a certain time, then you can get up at a time that gives you that free ten minutes to clean the kitchen. If you know that you usually go out on a Friday night, then you can do a little vacuum of the place before you get dressed up to leave. Having these regular occurrences in place means that you will always be able to keep the place looking good, without it getting in the way. As you keep the schedule up, the ability to get the job done more quickly each time will mean that you spend less time every time on the cleaning, and it will eventually not even be something that you think about. Imagine that.

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