10 Creative Ways to Store Items and Make More Living Space

As most homes don’t exactly have copious amounts of space available, you may need to find a way to manage the space you already have so you can store more in what you already have. Depending on the room in question you will need to approach it in a different way, so we will focus on the possible choices ahead of you:

The Kitchen

In most cases kitchens have their own drawers and shelves as part of the package, also including a pantry as well. Despite all that storage in most cases you will need to deal with even more belongings. You will need more space for any utensils, food, pots and pans but you may not have it right away. To make more space you will need to do a few things. Pots will take up a lot more space unless you find a way to keep them contained, as other items. You can do the following to make it happen:

1. Adding a knife rack on your wall will help keep them organized and out of your counters.

knife Rack
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2. Build some shelving for cans and bottles if you don’t have enough space.

shelving for cans and bottles


3. Use adhesive hooks to hang all the pot lids on the inside of the door to the cabinet.

Use adhesive hooks to hang all the pot lids on the cabinet doors


4. You can make use of a roll-out pantry in between the wall and your fridge if you have space.

roll-out pantry
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5. You can install pegboard to hang pots and pans on your walls.

DIY Kitchen Pegboard

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Kitchen storage can be a bit difficult, but with the right application of improvements you can get around the awkward shapes of most kitchen utensils and cookware which make them hard to store if you have a small kitchen.

The Bedroom

Bedrooms are usually a lot more than just a place to sleep, making them a place where we keep our collections, personal workspace or even entertainment items alongside the rest of our regular bedroom belongings. This usually leads to an inevitable storage problem, but you can improve your lot by creating more space or utilizing the space you have available in a more efficient way:

6. You should store extra sheets under your mattress if you have no space in your bedroom. Plastic bins can be an excellent way of hiding things under your bed while keeping them safe at the same time.

Under-the-Bed Storage


7. You can also find an alternate solution to that by buying a bed with some built-in storage.

bed with storage solutions
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8. If you want to save up on closet space, then get in the habit of rolling up your towels.

You’d be surprised to find out how much space you can save that way.

rolling towels


9. If you need more space, then you can always try to add more shelving to the bedroom walls.

Depending on the nature of what you need stored it may even look great, such as books.

Corner Shelves

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10. Place behind the door shoe holders to various other uses, these are not just for shoes.

Place behind the door shoe holders

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