5 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Home decorations are something we often turn to so we can make our homes more interesting, welcoming and overall comfortable. Doing them right however requires some understanding of aesthetics and practicality that many people seem to ignore. The following tips aim to show you the possible mistakes you can make during your decoration process:

• One of the most commonly made mistakes is putting all of our favorite items in the same room, which is most often the living room. What we really need to do is focus on a different approach, such as one that leaves enough free space to enjoy, but at the same time happens to fall into the style and ideas we have for it. You must decide on the objects you need tin the room, removing the ones that don’t absolutely have to be there. Its better to have less around a room than have it stuffed full of things you don’t need at all or you find unsightly. Group your collections by theme in a corner of your choice or along an entire wall, just make sure such collections are only there in a supporting and not major decorative role.

• You have to focus on the type of furniture that both works well in both a practical and aesthetic sense. One of the common mistakes made by people is that they don’t entirely understand the difference between scale and proportion. Furniture inside a home must have similar proportion so it can create a sense of harmony with the decorations of the home itself. Avoid pairing items that seem like they don’t exactly belong together, since this will make for a very disharmonious mess around your home. A good example of that may be using multiple identical seats rather than a huge sofa which takes far too much space.

• If you go too far with the wallpaper, then you may be making a mistake. You don’t always have to cover an entire room with wallpaper, as you can simply use it to accent a certain wall or to use it sparingly to keep the room from feeling crowded. Using it for focal points as well is an excellent reason to work with wallpaper.

• Something else you need to keep in mind is that the rooms themselves have to mirror the outside environment in some way. After all, a hot and arid climate will require a more spacious and easily cooled room, where you will have a chance to enjoy your time in peace. Keep that in mind and take a different approach to your decorations, depending on where you live.

• You may also want to avoid a completely uniform look, so stick to different and contrasting colors and combinations to keep things interesting. Combine finishes, textures and furniture to make things as fitting to your vision as possible.

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