18 DIY Handmade Jewelry Projects

18 DIY Handmade Jewelry Projects


Creating your own jewelry is a fun way to add unique accessories to your wardrobe without spending a great deal of money. You’ll love how rewarding and inspiring DIY can be, especially when you can wear – or give – the results.

Here’s a list of 18 DIY jewelry ideas to make for yourself or give away as gifts. From bracelets to rings to necklaces, we have it all.

1. Bird Nest Necklaces

lovely wire knot ring

(Tutorial via Sarah Ortega)


2. Lovely Wire Knot Ring

Lovely Wire Knot Ring

(Tutorial via Handmadeology)


3. Macrame Bracelet

macrame bracelet

(Tutorial via Honestly WTF)


4. Turn a Fork Into Cute Bracelet

Turn a Fork Into Cute Bracelet

(Tutorial via Stars for Streetlights)


5. Braided T-Shirt Bracelets

Braided T-Shirt Bracelets

(Tutorial via Hello Glow)


6. Anthropologie “Perched Harmonies” Necklace

Anthropologie “Perched Harmonies” Necklace

(Tutorial via Quiet Lion Creations)


7. Your Name Bracelet

Your Name Bracelet

(Tutorial via Chocolate and Craft)


8. Duct Tape Ring

Duct Tape Ring

(Tutorial via Crafts Nob)


9. Wire Wrapped Rose Ring

Wire Wrapped Rose Ring

(Tutorial via Julie Ann Art)

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