DIY: Wallpaper for your walls made from Newspapers

Unusual wall finish we can do with newspapers. Just find the page with attractive graphics and interesting titles. Yes decoration is not only unique, but also very cheap.

Wallpaper made from a newspaper associated with bold and ingenious members of the household who are not afraid of such an unusual decoration. Let us remember that our apartment is our showcase. So, express yourself and create something original!

You’ll Need

Wallpaper adhesive
Broad brush
Masking tape

How To

The same performance is quite simple… but – as everywhere, and here are small obstacles. The paper newspaper is extremely thin – soaked glue very quickly tears and strongly wrinkled. During the implementation of very gently pressed it with a soft, white cloth.

1. Wall wash with water and detergent, fill the paint. Just below the ceiling glue masking tape, setting a bar that is not stuck.

2. Prepare glue for wallpaper (as directed on the package). Grease the wall in one of the upper corners – there stick first page.

3. Another sheet of paper stick with top to bottom on a bookmark. Each smoothed by hand from the center to the edges, removing the paper from the air.

4. “Wallpaper” secure by covering the top with glue (the way it smoothed). Particularly carefully smear the space on the contact sheet. At the end take off the tape.

I hope you were inspired at least a part of you to add your habitations elements that will be you were associated with a particular day for you. Wallpaper of the newspapers is one of many ideas on how you can do it. However, we believe it is the best.

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