18 Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

7. Amigurumi Cactus

Amigurumi Cactus

Create this adorable yet easy Amigurumi Cactus, that is a perfect addition to any bedroom! (Free pattern & tutorial: Hopeful Honey)


8. Penelope the Purple Monkey

Penelope the Purple Monkey

Kids of all ages will love this cute crocheted toy. (Free pattern & tutorial: Stitch & Unwind)

9. Mason Jar Bear Cosy

Mason Jar Bear Cosy

Cold drinks are great, but cold hands are not. Don’t worry, this adorable mason jar bear cosy will protect your hands! (Free pattern & tutorial: Pops de Milk)


10. Crochet Elephant

Crochet Elephant

Crochet these adorably round elephants with a brilliant technique that requires minimal attaching. (Free pattern & tutorial: All About Ami)


11. My Little Pony

My little pony

Make your own version of the lovable ‘my little pony’ and make someone’s day! (Free pattern & tutorial: Knit One Awe Some)

12. Amigurumi Minion

Amigurumi Minion

We all love Minions, right? They are the coolest and funniest characters ever. Make yourself a cute amigurumi minion with this free pattern! (Free pattern & tutorial: Little Things Blogged)

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