Guide to Corporate Flowers

In the business world it’s accepted to give, exchange and make use of the so called corporate flowers. These are bouquets or flower arrangements of specifically chosen types of flowers in more serous colours which are used in meetings, as business gifts, for decorating halls and offices and for special corporate events. Usually these flowers tend to be exotic and expensive, quite over the top, exuding luxury and status. These flowers are used for making a strong statement and creating a memorable effect.

These flowers can be seen decorating desks, halls, offices, even bathrooms in big companies and office buildings. They bring light, a nice scent and elegance to the work environment. They are used for making an impression, so the fancier they are, the bigger the effect. Corporate flowers are meant to be flowers of exquisite beauty and extraordinary appeal, unusual shape and unique fragrance. However, they should also express a serious and elegant tone, and be somewhat conservative. Bouquets of corporate flowers are ordered in floral shops and online every day and it’s not that easy to find that perfect arrangement, which suits the occasion perfectly or will impress the receiver. Let’s look at some of the most popular choices for corporate flowers and the possible arrangements.
These flowers can be put in vases made of glass or crystal, ideally in the shape of a cylinder. This way they look neat, proper and serious. Another option is to be placed in a big basket – arranged with taste. For cylindrical vases the best choices are: tiger lilies, chilies, magnolia sticks, golden vanda orchids, tropical crab claws and plenty of tropical foliage in dark or bright green colour. For the office’s reception desk the best choice is a basket or a round-shaped vase full of kale, lilies, anthuriums, bamboo and foliage. When it comes to corporate designs, it’s all about the unusual shape and the strange look; some flowers which will do a great job are gum nuts, banksia, lukes, king proteas. Put these in a ceramic round vase and the effect will be stunning. When it comes to corporate events, flowers are the absolute must – white calla lilies mixed with fresh greenery, purple orchids with cream tuberoses for an elegant touch, glass vases with floating water lilies inside, tropical leaves with cymbidium orchids in tall cylinder vases along the walls, rich table centerpieces that grab everyone’s attention. These little details will make a big statement and you wouldn’t need any other decoration at all. Here are some more stunning ideas for corporate flowers and floral arrangements and decorations:
• Anthurium lilies mixed with tropical leaves placed next to the buffet.
• Green roses wrapped in silky ivory bows, scattered here and there.
• Singapore orchids in white, arranged in an oddly-shaped vase with some bamboo sticks.
When it comes to corporate flowers, the best colours are pale shades of yellow and pink, lots of green and orange.
One of the popular options for using corporate flowers is mixed with fruits, such as lemons, oranges and melons in creative arrangements. Usually these are placed in baskets or big plates and put as table centerpieces. Remember that the perfect corporate flowers boast prestige and status and represent the image of the company, they impose respect and should be perfectly elegant and tasteful.

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