How To Lose Your Belly Fat Naturally

Most of us are aware of the appearance of their abdomen. We do crunches, swim, run and the fat on stomach still is. Below you will find instructions what to avoid in order to quickly lose excess of fat on the stomach.

Stop drinking alcohol. Beer, vodka, wine contain a large amount of empty calories.

1. If you must drink alcohol, choose wine. It has the least calories and is healthier than vodka and beer.

Do not eat while drinking alcohol. Crackers, chips and other snacks, which are willing to snacking during and immediately after drinking alcohol immediately turn into fat on the stomach.

2. Completely stop eating potato chips, hamburgers, hot dogs and other hanger-on. If the board includes chips and dried pork sausage, select kabanos! Never, ever eat chips!

3. Never eat at night carbohydrates (pasta, bread). Better to eat at night chicken fillet than cornflakes with milk or even an apple! Carbohydrates eaten at night turn into fat.

4. Eat more often, but smaller portions. Instead of three large meals a day eat 5 smaller. Control the quality of food on the plate.

5. Perform exercises that speed up the heart. They will serve to increase metabolism and thus for faster fat burning.

6. Do not forget about vitamins that boost metabolism and help reduce stress. Stress may lead to weight gain, so it is important to reduce it to a minimum.

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