How to Make an Origami Butterfly – Tutorial

The butterfly is one of the most common compilations. This graceful insect can be done in many ways. So grasp the paper and get to work.

Things you need:

origami paper – important to the paper, which will be made ​​butterfly has a square shape with dimensions no smaller than 12×12


smooth hands


1. Bend the sheet of paper along the dotted lines to the right, then bend back and then bend the top down and also deflects.




2. Bend the top corner diagonally down and deflects upward.



3. Bend the bottom corner diagonally upward.





4. Fold the paper in half, then bend the left and right corner of the inside. Figure we turn upside down.




5. Bend the left and right corner up along the dotted lines.




6. We turn to the other side.




7. Bending the lower part upwards.





8. We turn the figure on the other side.




9. Deflects down two corners bending inwardly folded point.






10. Again we turn a figure on the other side.






11. Bend the corner down along the dotted line.






12. Bend the corner up along the dotted line.





13. The whole figure folded along the center line.






14. The resulting bend the wings up and rotate the figure.






15. Spread the wings down.

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