How To Naturally Darken Hair at Home

If you want to have darker hair, but do not want to destroy them with paint, use natural products, which it darker. Here are a few ways to darken the hair of normal and gray.

Coffee or tea

Make a pot of black coffee or tea. Wait until completely cold. Wash your hair as usual, rinse and wipe. Standing in the shower pour over your hair essence and wait until well absorb color. It is also a good way to pour essence bowl and dipping the head. After the treatment, wash your hair and apply conditioner. Step Repeat once a month.


You can also naturally darken hair with nuts. Splitting some walnuts and toss them into boiling water and cook for 15-25 minutes. Ask someone to pour the brew you hair (carefully, because a walnut dye – it is best to do it with gloves). After about 30 minutes, as the hair will already dry, you can rinse.

Vinegar and soy sauce

You can also darken the hair with vinegar and soy sauce. Although vinegar is not a pleasant smell, easy to do its job darkening the hair. Mix together half a cup of vinegar with half a cup of soy sauce and pour over the hair after prior washing (do not apply conditioner before).

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