How to Quickly Remove Smell from Shoes

It is quite embarrassing problem. And there is nothing to laugh because a lot of people doing what it
can to avoid stripping of shoes in different places. If we do not do anything in this direction in order to get rid of odors in shoes and we still use it, the smell gets worse. And that probably do not want, right?

Here are some ways to help get rid of this nuisance. Which one will be most effective, you need to check yourself.

1. Dry Tea

To remove the odor, you need to neutralize or absorb. A perfect absorber of odors is dry tea. Just a few bags of fresh tea – put inside shoes and left there for the night. If the odor appeared suddenly and not very intense, this treatment quickly to help.

2. Baking soda will help get rid of odors and clean shoes

Pour baking soda into shoes before their assumption necessarily apply socks. In the evening, when stripping Your shoes and before putting them in a warm and dry place, pour them a little soda. You can leave it for several hours. Baking soda has properties of absorbing odors.

3. Insole made ​​of natural materials

When we bought shoes with plastic, so they will not be immediately disposed of, although they are the cause of unpleasant odor. Instead, you can peel off the original cartridge, and in its place put a new, made ​​of natural materials such as. Wool, cotton.
When shopping, you may want to purchase a couple of these inserts and the use of shoes exchanged for clean. Used the insert should be well dried before the next use.
4. Lemon and sage

For preparing linen bags inserted finely chopped lemon zest and herb sage. The bags are placed overnight in shoes. Lemon peel is well absorbed odors, on the occasion of releasing pleasantly fragrant essential oil. Dry sage also nice smells, but also has antibacterial properties. This is not just a way to remove the odor, but also for flavoring shoes.

5. The last way to get rid of odors from shoes is to put them in the refrigerator. But before you do it place a shoe in a plastic bag. Leave shoes in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

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