13 Beautiful Crafts You Can Make With Seashells

13 Beautiful Crafts You Can Make With Seashells


Have a seashell collection you’d like to show off? There are so many cute craft ideas to make with them! Shells come in so many shapes and sizes, they lend themselves to be used in many different ways. Here are 13 great seashell crafts and home decor ideas using seashells. Enjoy!


1. DIY Seashell Art

Seashell Art

Tutorial via Tattered and Inked


2. Frame a Mirror with Seashells

Seashell Mirror

Tutorial via Puddy’s House

3. DIY Seashell Candles

DIY Seashell Candle

Tutorial via Likely by Sea


4. DIY Seashell Necklace

Seashell Necklace

Tutorial via Creative Savings


5. DIY Seashell Wind Chime

Seashell Wind Chime

Tutorial via Curly Made


6. DIY Seashell Headphones

Seashell Headphones

Tutorial via Typical House Cat


7. Seashell Wreath

seashell wreath

Tutorial via Just a Smidgen

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