20 Easy & Fun Snowman Crafts To Make With Kids

11. Recycled Cereal Box Snowman

Recycled Cereal Box Snowman

(Tutorial via Kix Cereal)


12. DIY Sock Snowmen

Sock Snowmen

(Tutorial via Ciao Mama)

13. DIY Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

(Tutorial via Kidsomania)


14. DIY Plastic Cups Snowman

Plastic Cups Snowman

(Tutorial via AllDayChic)


15. Lighted Glass Block Snowman

Lighted Glass Block Snowman

(Tutorial via allParenting)


16. Juice Box Snowman

Juice Box Snowman

(Tutorial via The Chic Site)


17. Terra Cotta Snowman

Terra Cotta Snowman

(Tutorial via The Home Depot)


18. Golf Ball Snowman Christmas Ornament

Golf Ball Snowman Christmas Ornament

(Tutorial via Full of Great Ideas)


19. Popsicle Snowman Door Hanger

Popsicle Snowman Door Hanger

(Tutorial via Happy Home Fairy)


20. Coffee Filter Snowman

Coffee Filter Snowman

(Tutorial via Cherished Bliss)

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