Tips to Make Your Wedding Centerpiece Flowers Last Longer

Wedding centrepieces are important flower arrangements which should look fresh and gorgeous on the important day. When people organising the event want to prepare the centrepiece flowers on their own, they should consider the time during which these centrepieces will look appealing and crisp. For the purpose, they should look for information on the longevity of the flowers chosen, and not prepare the centrepieces too early before the event. Knowing about the longevity and the peculiarities of the flowers selected is important when people go to buy the flowers for the wedding centrepiece arrangements.
First of all, people should not be tempted by fully blooming flowers looking gorgeous at the moment, because such flowers are likely to fade very soon. The best choice is to buy flowers which have not opened completely, as well as flowers which have buds that have yet to open. Such flowers can be expected to open within a couple of days, just when it is needed to have them in top beauty. Roses are a great example to illustrate the rule.
After the flowers have been bought, people should store them in as cold premises as possible, to keep them in good and fresh condition. A room with a switched on window air conditioner is the best possible environment.
Then, when the arrangement of the centrepieces for the wedding starts, all the leaves that are sunk under the water when they are put in the vases should be removed. The stems should also be cut off a little, to enable fresh surface to let in water. With flowers which have woody stems, such as roses, smashing the bottom of the stems is the way to enable them to absorb water efficiently. With thorny flowers, and here again roses are a typical example, it is essential to wear gloves, to avoid scratches. While working with the flowers and arranging them, it is essential to have a couple of buckets filled with cool water, where the flowers can remain while people are selecting and preparing to arrange them.
Some flowers such as tulips easily go limp. To help them keep their form, pushing wires through the flower heads which go down into the stems is the resolution. There is a secret to avoiding getting murky water smelling of rotten stems, and it is very simple – adding several drops of bleach, although the smell of bleach remains strong. There is an alternative to bleach which achieves the same purpose, vodka.
After the flowers have been arranged, it is essential to provide them with good “food”. That means adding a teaspoon of soda, or Sprite, or 7up helps the arranged flowers in the wedding centrepieces to remain fresh and radiant. A pinch of sugar is another example of good food, and a third “meal” on the menu is aspirin, crushed and added to the water.
The final stages of care for wedding centrepiece arrangements is to top off the water inside the vases in the morning on the wedding day. Then the scene for the big event is set up and you can enjoy the most important day of your life surrounded by the vary beauty of flowers.
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