15 Fun and Easy DIY Projects You Can Do with Zippers

15 Fun and Easy DIY Projects You Can Do with Zippers


Have some extra zippers laying around and wondering what to do with them? Even the most common craft supply, like zippers, can be used to create a slew of cool and creative crafts. From DIY home decor to some creatively easy and quick homemade gifts, here are 15 awesome DIY projects made with zippers that we’ve found on the web.

1. Toddler Zipper Toy

Toddler Zipper Toy

Tutorial via: Swoodson Says


2. Zipper Ruffle Ballet Flats

Zipper ruffle ballet flats

Tutorial via: Craftaholics Anonymous


3. Zipper Lamp

Zipper Lamp

Tutorial via: Instructables


4. Zipper Daisy Hair Bow

Zipper Daisy Hair Bow

Tutorial via: Delia Creates


5. Zipper Bracelet

Zipper Bracelet

Tutorial via: Everyday Dishes


6. Zipper Headband

Zipper Headband

Tutorial via: Stars for Streetlights


7. Zipper Flowers

Zipper Flowers

Tutorial via: Cathie Filian


8. Zipper Pouch

Zipper Pouch

Tutorial via: Avery Street Design


9. Woven Zipper Purse

Woven Zipper Purse

Tutorial via: Coats & Clark Sewing Secrets


10. Zipper Pencil Case

Zipper Pencil Case

Tutorial via: Handmadiya


11. Zipper Rings

Zipper Rings

Tutorial via: Cuegly


12. Vintage Zipper Decor

Vintage Zipper Decor

Image via: Makezine


13. Zipper Dragonflies

Zipper Dragonflies

Tutorial via: Help [ME] Ronda


14. Zipper Necklaces

Zipper Necklaces

Tutorial via: Mich L. in L.A.


15. Zipper Christmas Tree Ornaments

Zipper Christmas Tree Ornaments

Tutorial via: Urban Departures

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